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You may now register as a member of St. Brendan Church online. In order to register online, you must have an email address. If you do not have an email address, you can register by calling the parish office at 323 936 4656.  By registering with St. Brendan Church, you are committing to attend Mass at our Church on a weekly basis and that you are confirmed in the Catholic church.

If you have questions about registration, please see the questions and answers following the registration form.

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Questions about parish registration

What are the benefits of registering as a parish member?

Parish members receive the following benefits:

  • May be married, have their children baptized or have a funeral at St. Brendan Church
  • Receive information by U.S. mail about special schedules for Christmas and Easter and other communications as necessary
  • Have their contributions recorded for end-of-year tax use
  • Receive a special rate on tuition at St. Brendan School

What are the benefits of using the parish support envelope?

When you use the parish support envelope, all your contributions are recorded and at the end of the year a summary is mailed to you for use in tax return preparation.

Must I live in a certain area to register as a member of St. Brendan Church?

No, it is not necessary to live within the official parish boundaries to be a member of St. Brendan Church.

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